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Bend & Fly is a popular spot for yoga classes Brisbane. People consider Bend + Fly one of the best yoga studios because of its soothing ambience featuring a beautiful light-filled studio nestled in the trees in a funky nook of West End. Our unique style of yoga and aerial, led by world class instructors, provides a 3 dimensional experience like no other! This beautiful combination of Antigravity Aerial Yoga Classes + Power Yoga + Restorative Yoga will guarantee a full-body workout, decompression of the spine and total relaxation and bliss. We have 42 studio (including 15 live streamed) classes per week, plus on-demand content, Member’s Face book Group, regular yoga and aerial workshops and personalized one on one yoga – all designed to reconnect your body and soul!

Our aerial yoga studio also offer to your home with live and on-demand aerial yoga classes and 1ON1 technique/remedial sessions. Most importantly, to get you started in aerial yoga at home, we have included home set-up ideas and aerial yoga hammock and aerial yoga rigging for sale.

Ø Live & On-Demand Aerial Classes

Ø Home to Install Your Hammock

Ø 1ON1 Online Sessions

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